Welcome aboard the submerged gondola!

With the help of this submerged and training facility, which is the only one of its kind in the world, you can have a safe dip in the depths of the seas with dry feet and without any previous knowledge or requirements on your health condition. The risk of becoming seasick is ruled out. At the submerged station, the deck of the visitors' room is around four metres under the surface of the sea and thus, about one metre above the seabed.

The Baltic Sea 3-D – Glimpses into a unique sea!

This 3-D film produced solely for the submerged gondola permits you to have unique glimpses into the depths of the Baltic Sea. Take a dip in the largest brackish water sea of the Earth. Accompany the grey seal, the largest carnivorous animal of Germany, as well as codfish, herrings or jellyfish on their way through the blue depths. Discover flatfish, pipefish or even the agile Baltic Sea shrimps in the sea-grass beds.

One-of-a-kind technology!

The pressure-resistant submerged gondola made of steel, with its 17 viewing windows made of 60 mm thick safety glass and weighing 50 tons, is a technical masterstroke. Powerful electrical drives overcome enormous buoyancy while immersing down the steel column and lift the gondola out of the water after being submerged. All safety-related components are duplicated. Sophisticated control technology of leading manufacturers ensures safe operation.